You, the Flame Keeper, have found your self dozing off in the midst of a wintery storm.  The weather is getting rough, threatening to  extinguish your precious flame.  You must scale the mountain and return the flame to the Shrine.  The power to carry flames is a difficult one to control. Making the flame too small will cause it to get extinguished, and you will freeze to death on the mountain, but making it too big will cause you to lose control and turn yourself into ashes.


  • Move - A/D
  • Jump - Space
  • Increase Flame - Enter / Left Mouse


  • Programming/Design - Jeremy Rice
  • Art/Animations -  Wizeller
  • Composer/Sound Designer - tastyZounds
  • Voice Acting - Matt Lawrence


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i do like indeed

nice ambiance and sound design, i love this as a twist to a classic platformer

Smooth mechanics. With precise movements needed. the super low pillar was a nice surprise. in all a good basic game. Would probably play it as a time killer

Very interesting idea. Hard to play. And potentially not the best thing to have mouse and keyboard combination on a platformer. I would have a option for keyboard to increase the flame.

Was actually  a bug in the input system, your supposed to be able to use enter as  well. It is fixed now :) thank you. 

unique idea with unique game control, i love game